Repair Procedure

How we handle your repair needs

Below you will find how we go about starting and finishing the repair procedure

RMA/Repair Request

Contact us to request RMA # by phone (800-856-2111) or by email (
Provide model and serial number(s)
of the device(s)

Box and Ship

Box and ship the defective device to Pegasus and provide the tracking # of the package to Pegasus.

Pegasus Receives Package

Upon receipt we will test and evaluate
the device to determine the problem

Pegasus will then contact you immediately with results and estimate cost of repair

Audit and Cost

Pegasus will then contact you immediately with results and estimate cost of repair

Your Call

After we get the results and cost to you, then we wait for approval or non-approval to move forward.

Payment Terms

If repair is desired, payment can be made by Credit Card or a PO can be submitted for terms. 

Repair Denied Procedure

If the repair is not approved, a $25 diagnostic fee will be charced, we will ship back the defective device back to you and return shipping will be invoiced or shipped on your acct number.

Repair Completed

Once repaired, we will notify you of completion and once payment is made, item will be boxed properly and shipped back on our dime! Pegasus will notify you with tracking # via Email
Diagnostic fee is waived if repair is performed.


If we do not find any problems with the device, there will be a $25 charge plus shipping cost to return to you if no failure is found. Repaired items do not include the $25 Diagnostic fee.

Shipping fee's

You shipping to Pegasus
Pegasus pays return shipping on repaired items only. You are only responsible for shipping for non-repaired or non-failing items.

Top 10 Most Popular FAQ`s

Our RMA number is just for tracking purposes for you and us both. the term RMA is just easier than using different terms, we just leave it one to keep it simple!

Every repair, upgrade, or value added part is different and so we customize our quotes according to the device and difficulty of the repair, although we have a base line for flat rate, it can vary, so we suggest us directly to find out the best cost scenario. Call us at 800-856-2111 or email us at

Yes, we can take all major credit cards

Any item that is unrepairable, no failure found or repair is not desired due to cost, the customer pays return shipping. Any item that is repaired Pegasus will pay return shipping via ground. If faster shipping is required, we just have you pay the difference between ground and air service.

All our repairs carry a 6 month warranty from date of delivery according to the tracking number of the package. As well as our complete clocks, scanners, POS units or any parts we sell. In some cases we may extend the length of the warranty, call us today for more information on how we can help!

Why yes we do, glad you asked! We can tailor any situation on most equipment to provide cost effective repairs, from break/fix situations, to bumper to bumper to cover everything as well as agreements that will also cover physical damage.

Sorry but no, we only provide depot repair, but, we can help with a replacement unit while your unit is being repaired!

In most cases yes we will ship the item back to you in the same box, unless we deem the box or material to be insufficient, but you will be notified before we make that decision on our own. We use a foam pack process to protect your investment as if it was our own equipment

If we find after exhausting all of our efforts to determine the issue or to find the issue reported, we will notify you on our results and go from there. We will not make any repairs or send back a unit until you approve the situation. It's best to describe as detailed as possible the issue so we can be sure it is not missed. In many cases units need to be on for awhile before a problem arises and we may miss something. We do extensive testing, but sometimes if we do not know the problem, we may over look something.

Most of our business is sales, repair, upgrade and parts, anything you need for Kronos and ADP Time Clocks, as well as Barcode, POS and Printer repair, but we are able to fix many electronics with the exception of Phones. 

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