Protective Enclosures

To help in the prevention of Covid, abuse or flat out damage, these enclosures are excellent for Proximity reader clocks or if have barcode or mag readers can attach an external reader

Custom internal Mounting

To aid in the mounting process, we have designed an internal mount for the back casing that is strong enough to support the clock without breaking, but flexible enough to be able to screw down the side and top anti-theft screw

Mounting Hardware

All enclosures come with mounting hardware for wall mounting the unit.
Internal screw mounts are already installed to mount the back of the clock to the customer internal mount


Cable glands

The cable assemblies enter from underneath and cable glands (not included) can be purchased depending on the size and port you use. These are not required, just for extra protection.
There are 3 rear ports for the
5-9.7MM BRASS Glands as well

left to right

Extremely Durable and waterproof

This unit comes with a very strong front door that can handle hard impacts, while not completely indestructible, it will prevent damage to the clock from disgruntled employee's.
These enclosures have rubber stripping preventing water from
entering the case.   

Lock Capability

The unit can be setup to open from the left or the right and once the hinges are in place, are nearly impossible to pull out. As well, a lock assy (included), can be applied to preven opening of the door by unauthorized users.

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