Intouch Touchscreen
9100 Touchscreen with LCD
TouchScreen Replacement

Prefer to have us do all the work! 
Pegasus can replace any Intouch 9000 and 9100 damaged touchscreen for you!
In addition to the replacement, we provide a VAS:
1. Refurb the Clock as close to factory as possible. (does not include damage to parts,
scratches, scuffs, etc)(unit will be refurbished inside and out,
basically like taking your car to the carwash)
2. Pegasus will inspect all aspects of the clock and parts, which includes full testing of all components, i.e. network, Touch ID (BIO) quality, badge reader, power (ac and poe)
as well as inspect the board for damaged or missing components
We do not reset the unit, it will be returned with the same data as sent
unless there is a failure with the SD card.

Email us  or call 800-856-2111 today for pricing
Includes free return shipping!

9100 parts
9100 Touchscreen with LCD
9100 Parts Inventory

Pegasus can provide all the parts you need to get your clock back in shape and functioning properly.
For the 'do it yourself' crowd, we offer all parts:
SD Cards - Readers of all types - Remote Readers - BIO TID standard and plus - 
TouchScreen Kits for the 9100 (soon to have Kit's for the 9000 series) 
Back assemblies - Cover plates - BIO TID mounts - AC Adapters, much more!
Click Image to access our Kronos and ADP 9100 Inventory Page
(some parts are interchangeable with the 9000 and 9100)

9100 Touchscreen with LCD
POS, Truck Mount, Mobility

In addition to the touchscreen itself, any touchscreen controller failures or cables for the 9000.
We work on many other industrial touchscreen items as well. POS, Truck Mount computers, Mobility, Electronic scales with touchscreen capability. 

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