Wear and Abuse

Over time without any screen protector, the screen will begin to scratch and wear and eventually the touchscreen will need replaced. With a screen protector, it will save time and money and the touchscreen will be protected and only the protector will need replacing over time
If an employee wants to destroy a clock they will, but these screen protectors will help protect against users using keys, fingernails or shapr objects from damaging the touchscreen. It will evenutally damage the protector, but replacing is much easier and less costly


These specialty films are highly resistant to blunt force impacts. Also feature an extra layer that acts like a shock absorber and has twice the surface hardness of regular screen protectors. The 6HS is clear and easy to see icons without glare or interference
The screen protectors are easy to install onsite, but digitizers already damaged will still be damaged and if they are not working properly, this will not resolve it. Highly suggest having us replace the TouchScreen and add a screen protector for you to prevent having to replace the touchscreen again. These are designed to be a bit smaller than the overall screen for easy installation but still covers the touchpoints properly

Intouch Screen Protector

Easy to install

All Screen Protectors are easy to install and come with complete instructions.
An install kit comes with orders, 1 kit for each 10 kits. We also can provide for an extra cost a deluxe kit for up to 50 clocks and for cleaning previously installed protectors 
Each simple kit includes:

1 – Zeiss wipe
1 – 7 x 6" Silky microfiber cloth
1 – squeegee
1 – Dust removal tape
Instructions for use of the kit and care of your cloths 

Deluxe Kits

Deluxe kits will cover up to 50 screen protector installs.

Each deluxe kit includes:

1 oz Anti-Scratch
1 oz Staticide
1 – 7 x 6 Silky Microfiber cloth
1 – 14 x 14 Microfiber cloth
1 – 16 x 12 Suede Microfiber cloth
1 – Squeegee
1 – Dust removal foam tape
1 pair of Latex – free rubber gloves
Instructions for use of the kit and care of your cloths 

Intouch 9000, 9100 and the new DX

We have screen protectors for all the intouch models.
9000, 9100 and DX Series

Our screen protectors are custom fit for the Intouch Series clocks to cover all touch points and protect the touchscreen. They are easily installed and can be removed easily for repositioning or replacment

Have a custom need?

Need a special size or durability, contact us today and maybe we can help you find that perfect solution to protecting the expensive equipment to keep you from spending $1000's on repairs over time!

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