Full Service Time Clock - Barcode - POS

All Models 4500 Series

Service and Support of every
model of the 4500 Series
Including older clocks to support newer features

LCD Replacment
Keypads and Lan Patterns

Barcode and Mobility

Repair, Upgrade, OS Reload
of most models and makes
of handheld, wireless and mobile computers as well as truck mounted units and parts

LCD Replacement
Touchscreen Replacement
Keypads and Lan patterns
backlight replacement
Power Supplies

Point of Sale

We repair many makes and models of POS equipment and have depot maintenance programs to save you $$

All components and peripherals repaired for
POS equipment
keyboards, lcd, touch, printer, power supplies, cables, replacement caps and cover assemblies

Custom Parts

Many cases parts for equipment are hard to come by. We build and design some of our own to help fill the gap when trying to find parts to enhance or upgrade your units. 

We employ 3d technology to build the parts and guarantee their durability and performance for POE adapters to TouchScreen panels custom fit to replace OEM parts!




At Pegasus, we pride ourselves on our quality of work and excellent customer service, enables us to provide much longer warranty periods on all our clocks, parts and repairs.
Most of our warranty on all clocks, parts and repairs is 6 months from date of delivery to customer according to delivery status.
Not covered is physical damage only. 


Pegasus prides itself on caring for the environment with any replaced, damaged, non-usable items removed from equipment, including hard drive destruction for secure confidential data destruction and disposing of the components in an environmentally safe manner through recycling. From LCD's, Mercury filled backlights, batteries, plastic, etc. We do all we can to be sure everything that can be recycled can be. 
Have excess equipment need to dissolve of safely and confidential data removed call us today to help in removing old out of date hardware. Many times items can be refurbished and resold for a benefit to both Pegasus and the customer. 

Time Clock Repair

Pegasus does more than just repair, in addition to the repair, we refurbish and fully test all functions of the clock assuring that ALL parts of the clock are working properly and any issues not reported at time of the RMA, customer is notified of potential issues when receiving back the clock, preventing a return to fix a different issue incurring more cost. 

We provide yearly maintenance programs to encompass the units bumper to bumper, alleviating the worry and concern for any failing parts overlooked at time of reporting the problem. In addition a bumper to bumper can cover physical damage as well depending on coverage selected. 

We can repair any part of the Kronos and ADP Time Clocks. In some cases, parts are not available, including the physical plastic mounts and frames, in which we have developed our own parts to replace the original OEM parts that cannot be obtained. As these parts are not original OEM they will look different, but retaining a cosmetically aesthetic appearance.

Pegasus can upgrade or modify any clock to meet your needs, such as no need buy a new clock just to upgrade to a different reader technology or biometric needs. 

Barcode, Mobile and POS

We repair many makes and models from many manufacturers that include End Of Life obsolete scanners, mobility, and POS products. It may be old but we can help you save money by repairing the older equipment and to help with those costs a yearly maintenance program can help by also keeping a few working units in stock at your location. Older units are relatively cheap to keep in stock allowing time to get the failing units to us and back to you. 

We can repair all parts and functions of a Barcode handheld or wireless scanner, cradle or mobile computer/terminal including truck mount terminals and all accessories and POS equipment.

Pegasus is not limited to just repairing older equipment, although we strive to provide cost effective repairs on equipment for customers on tight budgets, but can also provide repairs on newer equipment.

Touchscreens, LCD's, Boards, Scan Engines, Triggers, Handles, Top Assemblies, Cables, Batteries, SSD Drives, Wireless adapters, Antenna's, Keyboards and much more!

Custom Cosmetic parts

Using OEM electronic components, we adapt to custom made cosmetic and plastic parts to keep worn out equipment running and looking good.

As well as custom made non-oem parts that have become obsolete and hard to find or not cost effective to buy OEM. Our non-oem parts carry a longer warranty than OEM parts
and usually more durable reliable.

All carry the same warranty as any repair!

POE, Proxy Readers, Filler Plates, Bio mounts

We custom build our own POE adapters for the 4500 Time Clock to eliminate the need to have a power outlet for a clock install! 

Proxy reader mounts with OEM electrical components, Filler plates and BIO reader mounts.

What Can We Fix For You?

We mostly repair commercial industrial hardware from Touchscreen replacement on most types, makes and models to board repair, upgrades and configurations. Our main business model is TimeClock repair, Barcode and POS Hardware repair and upgrades, but always open and available to other types of equipment.

Easy and simple

If you have any electronic devices in need of repair,  our Electronic Repairs can provide an affordable solution.   With 30 years' experience repairing Timeclocks, Barcode and POS, we are confident that we can fix your devices.

Our clients

Just a few we Proudly Serve:

Next Day Repairs

In time sensitive situations, we can provide next day repair and return and in some cases if we get the item early enough we can ship same day received based on parts required.

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